Adding Named Drivers

Three named drivers are included as part of your Motability lease. These can be yourself, friends, family or carers but there are restrictions and a number of rules governing who is permitted to drive your Motability car.

Named drivers must live within a five-mile radius of the disabled customer’s address although requests outside this range will be considered if essential to the customer’s mobility requirements.

With the customer’s consent, a location tracker may be fitted to the vehicle to ensure the customer is gaining direct benefit from it. This may apply if none of the named drivers live at the disabled customer’s address or if the customer resides in a care home where a number of drivers have access to the vehicle.

Drivers under 25 are restricted to cars with an ABI Insurance rating of Group 16 or lower and with a power output of 120bhp or less (excluding Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)).

Only one driver under 21-years-old is permitted – whether the disabled customer or another driver residing at the same address.

Only drivers with a legally valid driving licence will be allowed to drive the Motability car. Additional checks will be made on non-UK driving licence holders. Proposed drivers with certain convictions, disqualifications or endorsements within the past five years will not be permitted to drive the vehicle.

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