End of Contract

Motability leases generally run for three years – after which time you simply hand your car back and select your next one through the Scheme.

You will be contacted approximately three months before the end of your lease to remind you that it is time to start looking for your next car.

If you are approaching the end of your lease feel free to contact us to discuss your options for your next Motability vehicle.

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This will be due when your vehicle reaches three-years-old and needs to be undertaken prior to it being returned. You can arrange your MOT test with us approximately two months prior to the vehicle’s return date.

If you have looked after your car throughout your Motability lease, you could be eligible for a Good Condition Bonus. The amount is dependent on the length of your agreement but could be as much as £600.

We will assess your vehicle when you hand it back and, if everything is in order, you will be automatically sent a cheque within 28 days.

Should you decide to leave the Motability Scheme at the end of your lease, we’ll be sorry to see you go.

Simply arrange to hand your vehicle back at the appropriate time with all of the documentation and equipment you received at the start of your agreement. Your mobility allowance will be reinstated but this may take up to six weeks.

Please don’t forget that the MOT test will need to be undertaken prior to the vehicle’s return as detailed above.

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