Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Specially converted, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) enable wheelchair users to travel as a driver or passenger. These vehicles feature significant adaptations that enable customers to gain easy access and remain in their wheelchair whilst travelling.

They may be more suitable for customers who are no longer able to transfer from their wheelchair to a standard car seat or whose carer is unable to lift them into the vehicle. For those who can transfer from their wheelchair without too much comfort then a standard car with adaptations may still be the better option.

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Significant work is required by specialist companies in the conversion of a WAV plus they are not mass produced as they are often adapted to order – hence the leasing costs are generally more expensive than a standard car.

All new WAVs are supplied on a five-year lease and require an Advance Payment that is based on factors that include its cost, servicing and maintenance and expected resale value.

Lower Advance Payments are available on nearly new WAVs – some of which are available with no Advance Payment.

What’s more, with affordability in mind, Motability has introduced standardised pricing for some of the most popular WAV conversion options.

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