Important things to consider

Choosing the Motability car that’s right for you and your requirements is important, which is why you should consider a number of factors and take as much time as you need over your decision.

Across the Sinclair Group, we have a dedicated team to help you make the decision that is absolutely the right one for you. Our Motability specialists have been specially-trained to assist you and provide all of the support and advice you require in a friendly and non-pressured environment

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Here’s a few helpful tips that are worth considering if you are thinking about a Motability car:

Be prepared

With so many cars to choose from, a little preparation can go a long way. Think about the mobility needs you have, the types of journeys you’ll be making and what, if anything you will be transporting as well as any adaptations you might require.

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Test drive

Taking a test drive is imperative, particularly for gauging comfort, access and visibility. Always feel free to bring someone with you – not only for that extra advice, support and second opinion but especially if they are a nominated driver as it will be useful for them to test drive the car too.

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Plan your visit

Visit several dealers to gain a clear idea of which type of car is suited to you. If possible make an appointment as recognising everyone’s needs are different, this will help the Motability specialist understand your requirements and plan for your visit in advance.

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Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want as it’s vital that you have all of the answers you need to ensure you can make a fully-informed decision on your car. Make the most of your Motability specialist’s expertise and knowledge as they’re here to help in any way that they can.

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