How it works

The Motability Scheme enables those in receipt of an eligible mobility allowance to lease a car and enjoy a total motoring package that also includes servicing, maintenance, breakdown cover, tyre and windscreen repair and replacement. You simply exchange all or part of your mobility allowance to lease your preferred vehicle at a price that works for you.

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There are three ways to pay for your lease and the cost is automatically deducted from your higher rate mobility allowance every four weeks.

  • Cars that cost less than your mobility allowance - pay the fixed weekly amount for the whole of your lease agreement and receive the unspent allowance to use as you wish.
  • Cars that cost all of your mobility allowance - drive away your chosen car in return for the whole of your weekly mobility allowance.
  • Cars that cost more than your mobility allowance - for a one-off, non-refundable, upfront payment known as an Advance Payment, you can expand your choice of vehicles. This Advance Payment covers the difference between your allowance and the total cost of your lease and, whilst they change, we guarantee that you will only pay the figure quoted on the date of your order even if it alters whilst you’re awaiting delivery.

With 18 Motability Scheme dealers within the Sinclair Group, across South Wales, there’s bound to be one near you. Our Motability Scheme Specialists will offer you expert advice and arrange test drives. They will also continue to support you throughout your lease agreement.

From the moment you speak to a Sinclair Motability specialist and throughout your lease agreement, we’re here to make things as easy and enjoyable for you. So when you’ve decided on the car that’s right for you, we’ll look after every step of the order process.

Our Motability specialist will complete the paperwork, submit your application and then keep you fully informed about your car’s delivery – including arranging the date of its collection when we’ll advise what you need to bring with you.

Once you’ve driven your new vehicle away, we’ll be around to support you during your lease.

It goes without saying that we would be delighted to be of service once again when your lease ends and the time arrives to choose your next Motability car. Should you opt to stay on the Scheme, the changeover process is simple as we will handover your new vehicle on the same day as you return your existing one.