Carers & Appointees

What is an appointee?

Appointees are individuals (usually family members) or, in the case of a corporate appointee an organisation, that is solely responsible for collecting state benefits for the disabled person and for deciding how they are used.

To confirm if you are an appointee, please contact the DWP on 03457 123456 or Veterans UK on 0808 191 4218.

Sinclair Motability

We understand, some disabilities can be invisible.

The appointee’s role

Appointees are the hirer of the Motability Scheme vehicle and legally responsible for the lease agreement on the disabled person’s behalf.

Appointees are responsible for ensuring that the Motability vehicle is used for the right purpose and that the disabled person has full access to it.

Full responsibility for any outstanding monies for the Motability lease agreement lie with the Appointee.

The carer

A carer can help the disabled person choose a car and apply to join the Motability Scheme. However they cannot place an application on the disabled person’s behalf as they have not been assigned by the DWP or Veterans UK.

For detailed information on the roles and responsibilities of appointees and carers, please click here

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