Enhance your motoring experience by considering some of the myriad of adaptations for your Motability car that can make driving easier and every journey more comfortable.

Your Sinclair Motability specialist will be able to advise and assist on the various adaptations - many of which can be installed at no extra cost before you take delivery. If you need to fit adaptations to your car during your lease, or you want to arrange the adaptations yourself, you must use a Motability Adaptations Partner and pay the cost of the adaptations directly to them.

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Adaptations at a glance

Whether you require modified controls, rooftop stowage for a wheelchair or swivel seats for simple access, our Motability specialists will be delighted to discuss the aids that will ensure we can deliver a car that’s absolutely tailor-made for you. Take a look at the below videos for some extra information on what is available to make your driving experience stress-free.

Adaptations are devices that can be fitted to a vehicle to help make many aspects of your traveling experience safer or more comfortable. Some of the most popular adaptations are listed below


Electronic Accelerators

If you have limited mobility in your legs or are unable to use hand controls, an electronic accelerator may help. This enables you to accelerate by pressing on a ring either above or below the steering wheel or by pulling on a trigger device. Electronic accelerators require less effort than push/pull hand controls and all come with a hand operated push brake.


Pedal Modifications

If you have difficulty reaching the pedals when driving, you could opt to have the pedals extended. Modifying the pedals of your car could bring them closer to your driving seat, allowing you to drive more comfortably while controlling the car with ease.

Mechanical Hand Controls

If you find using standard pedals for braking or acceleration difficult, you may be better off using a hand control, such as a push/pull device. This popular adaptation allows you to control the speed of the car with your hand by pulling a lever (to accelerate) or pushing it (to brake). There are various hand controls available from different manufacturers, ranging from basic push/pull systems to electronic air or compression systems.

Remote Controls

If you have limited movement in your upper body, you could benefit from remote control devices. These controls allow for basic car functions, such as the horn, windscreen wipers and lights, to be operated by a single control pad mounted on the steering wheel, making it safer and more comfortable to drive.

Steering Aids

If you have difficulty holding or turning a standard steering wheel, there are a number of solutions which may help. For example, steering wheel balls can be fitted to allow you to have more control when steering the car. You simply hold the ball, making sure your hand is comfortable, and use it to turn the steering wheel in the direction you need. If you’re having hand controls fitted, then it is often essential to have a steering wheel ball to enable you to steer the car with one hand while operating any hand controls with the other.

Wheelchair Stowage: Electric Boot Hoist

If you cannot lift your wheelchair into your boot an electric hoist will solve this problem by easily taking the weight and maneuvering into the boot of your car.


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Carers & Appointees

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